Top 10 hats to wear when you hire a photobooth.

When you hire a photobooth for any event that you’re organising – be it a wedding, a birthday party or even a corporate event – you know you’re going to have some great fun. Our Photobooth comes with a huge selection of props – 2 giant steamer strunks in fact!

One of the biggest difficulties our clients and their guests have is choosing which props to take into the photobooth with them. So, we compiled this list of the most popular hats from all of the photobooth hires that we’ve completed.

10. The Viking Hat

Always popular with the male guests – both young and old – this hat has been worn so often that we’ve had to replace it three times.


A viking hat for use when you hire a photobooth

9. The Jamaican Rasta Hat.

Another one for the boys – they all love this Jamaican style hat – complete with dreadlocks.

This Jamaican Rasta Hat is great when you hire a photobooth

8. The Bobby’s Helmet.

This famous icon of the British Police Force is always a popular choice with our guests when we’re running the photobooth.

hire a photobooth and this fantastic hat will be in the prop box

7. The Pink Police Hat

This PVC accessory always causes hilarity – and is more often than not worn by the men. Make of that what you will…

Pink Police Hat is great fun with a photobooth hire

6. The Rainbow Gangster Hat

This brightly coloured hat is loved by all, and looks great when combined with our Hawaiian Leis and the obligatory silly specs!

hire a photobooth with this rainbow gangster hat

5. The Star Spangled Stetson

This brightly coloured cowboy hat is a popular choice with the ladies.


bring your photobooth hire to life with this brightly coloured stetson

4. The Tam O Shanter

Another one that always raises a chuckle, especially when we’re supplying a photobooth hire in Scotland!

This tam o shanter is always popular when we provide a photobooth hire in scotland

3. The Floppy Festival Hat

This groovy, wide-brimmed, felt floppy hat has daisy and bead detailing to the brim and is perfect for stepping back to the 1960’s !

This floppy festival hat brings a 60s feel to your photobooth hire

2. The Clown Bowler

There’s always plenty of clowning around when you hire a photobooth from us – especially with this hat!

Clown around in our photobooth when you wear this fun bowler hat

1. Tom’s Steampunk Top Hat

Tom’s iconic hat is handmade and we’re the only photobooth to offer this particular prop. This hat has been hugely popular at every photobooth hire we’ve carried out!

Tom's steampunk hat is hugely popular at every photobooth hire we do

We buy most of our hats and other accessories from the fantastic Silly Jokes website. They also supply great fancy dress costumes and party supplies & offer outstanding customer service.