Portrait Shots

Our latest feature is the ability to take portrait shots rather than the usual landscape images that are captured by our booth. You may have seen those ‘Magic Mirror’ devices that are great in theory, but when you’ve got a background full of people walking past, the photos don’t look so good. We can now recreate the same style photos – within our booth – with one of our great backdrop curtains instead of a room full of people!

Our usual photobooth prints look like these two examples – the standard strip and the standard postcard:

Even our Premium Prints, despite having over 1300 designs, all follow pretty much the same layout:

By rotating our DSLR camera through 90 degrees, we can now create some strikingly different looks for your photobooth snaps. Have a look at just a few examples below of what we can now do:

The range of templates at present is fairly small compared to our standard ones, but this will grow over the coming weeks and months – here are some more options to consider for some truly unique prints:

This new feature is optional & completely FREE with any of our 5-star rated Photo Booth hires!