Marryoke (or video karaoke) is included in our best-selling Platinum Package! The booth operates as normal, but also gives your guests the option of making an even bigger fool of themselves than was ever possible with just a photograph and some hats.

The guests have the choice to take a photo or “sing” (we use the inverted commas intentionally). If they choose to sing, the booth plays the music, the words appear on the touchscreen, and the room swiftly empties. In fact, it’s just like standard karaoke in the way that it works.

Now for the clever part. We record each group of guests singing their song, then take all of the footage away, chop it up, mash it together and produce your very own ‘megamix’ video. We’ll upload this to our Facebook page and also to Youtube, so there’s plenty of opportunity for embarrassment for years to come…

There are 2 reasons why we’re the very best at Marryoke: Firstly we’re the only booth who can offer you an UNLIMITED selection of songs. Secondly, rather than use the supplied software, which produces very patchy results, we take all of the footage away with us, and manually put your final version together using an industry-standard video editing software package.

This produces far better results, as we’re able to add titles, graphics and themes to your video, as well as tweaking the sound to reduce background noise and keep the singers at around the same volume level. Ok, so you don’t get it the same night, but are you REALLY going to watch it then??? We need at least four groups to sing the same song to be able to produce a video worthy of a mashup, so think carefully about your song selection!

For the best results, we suggest you pick no more than two songs for your event, and we’ll need to be situated away from a DJ or a live band. Most venues we’ve worked with are happy to accommodate this.

Take a look at some of the fantastic mash-ups we’ve already done….