LightningShare is yet another amazing feature of our photobooth  – which is already the most advanced you can hire!

So many times we saw people trying to take photos of their prints, using their smartphones – so they could get them straight on social media – often with very poor results. So we investigated how to make this better for everyone – that’s what we do after all. We’re not interested in adding more booths, or candy carts etc – just continually improving what we do best.

Here’s how it works:

  • You use the booth as normal, taking your four photographs.
  • Once you’ve decided to apply a filter or not, your print composition is displayed on screen  – along with a QR code (barcode)
  • Scan this code with a QR scanner app on your phone (or just use the shortlink we provide in your web browser) – and you’re taken straight to the digital version of your print AND your animated GIF
  • You can share it to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or download it to share to Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp or to text to a friend – IMMEDIATELY
  • We’ll display another QRcode outside of the booth linking to the full gallery – which updates in real time as more and more photos are taken!

You really have to see this in action to believe it – it’s lightning quick!! As with our hashtag printer it depends on us being able to get a reasonably good 4G connection – we bring our own mobile router as venue wifi tends to be unreliable. This doesn’t slow down the operation of the booth in the slightest, and your guests or delegates are sure to love being able to get their wacky photos and GIFs delivered so quickly! If you’re having a corporate event, this is a great way to get instant and prolonged exposure on your favourite channels.

Once your event is over, we’ll transfer all of your photos to a gallery on our website, and free-up the service for our next booth hire! They’ll still be available until around noon the next day. We’ll link to your gallery when we upload your event photos to Facebook – which we do overnight.

Please note that LightningShare is not available when you choose Marryoke.