Hashtag Photo Booth


Our Hashtag Photo Booth, or ‘Hashtag Printer’ puts the photo booth into everyone’s pockets! Your guests simply snap a selfie or a picture of their friends and upload it to Instagram or Twitter with a #hashtag that we’ll help you create. Around 30 seconds later the booth will produce a polaroid style print of their photo for them to come and collect.

Who doesn’t have a smart phone these days? People are taking more photos now than ever before! And because our hashtag photo booth prints them automatically, they’ll have a real memory of your event to keep (along with their photobooth snaps of course!)

Unlike other hashtag printers, ours runs directly from within our Photobooth.  This means you’re not having to hire two expensive pieces of equipment, or needing to find extra space to accommodate it all. The Hashtag Printer is available as an add-on to our standard hire for a small additional charge.

how our hashtag photo booth works

Corporate Use

Our hashtag printer is also ideal for your corporate or fundraising event. You’re encouraging your attendees to spread your brand all over social media, and we can create a custom branded layout for your photos too! The reach can be quite phenomenal, as explained by Michael Fisk in this article.


We carry a fast 4G wifi router loaded with super-fast data with us to connect directly to the mobile phone network. Whilst this is perfectly adequate in most venues,some out-of-the way locations mean we won’t be able to get a signal. It’s worth checking with your venue if they can give us a strong, uninterrupted wifi signal in this case.

During the event

We’ll collect the prints from the booth and peg them onto a frame for your guests to browse and collect at their leisure.

Additionally, we’ll add copies of the printed images to your online galleries.

We’ll also add all of the captured images to your complementary DVD along with your photobooth snaps.

You’re not just restricted to to operating times of the booth either. Encourage your friends and family to take their snaps throughout the day, and as soon as we’re connected we’ll print off the ones that have already been uploaded. Pease note that the uploader’s account must be public for us to be able to capture their pictures – but they can always set it back to private at the end of your event!

our hashtag photo booth produces your guests' photos for them to collect
a print from our hashtag photo booth
an example of applying your branding to our hashtag photo booth
wedding guests having fun with our hashtag photo booth