Green Screen

One of the features of our booth is the ability to add Green Screen Backgrounds to your photos. Instead of  having one of our coloured backdrop curtains, we add a green curtain around the interior of the booth. When the booth is active, the software looks for anything green and replaces it with the image chosen by the user..

When you book a Green Screen hire, we’ll ask you if you have any specific images or themes that you’d like to include, and we’ll make sure they’re available on the night.

Whether you’re having a beach themed party or a Christmas party – our green screen booth can create some absolutely stunning photos. When you combine this with one of our fantastic photo templates you can achieve some really amazing prints.



green screen photo booth
photo booth with green screen

We can get just about anything that you want for your green screen –  but please try to give us as much notice as possible so we can source and buy the highest resolution image possible. We’ve seen other booths using very low resolution images, and then trying to enlarge them – and the photos look awful!

Don’t forget too, that we use a high quality DSLR camera for stunning images, not a cheap webcam, and you really can tell the difference.

Why not get a quote and book your Green Screen Photo Booth hire now?