Our insta-style filters are a great way for your guests to add some funky effects to their photo booth snaps. A simple menu on the touchscreen inside the booth allows a variety of filters to be applied, once the photos have been captured. The filters are applied to the photos only – not the template – so if you’ve opted for one of our premium templates, it will still look great!

applying a filter

Here’s how the screen looks when you’ve finished your group of photos. The available filters are shown down the left hand side of the screen. The original unfiltered image is always shown right at the top, making it easy to remove any filters you’ve tried.

original photo

Here’s a sample photo taken in our booth with no filter applied. Now take a look below at how the different filters change the look of the image:

original photo

The filters, as you can see here, don’t affect the overall template meaning your photos still have a uniform look.