Backdrop Curtains

We have eight different backdrops available with our booth -all with a very different look!. Our current selection contains Red Velour, Silver Sequin, Black Velour, Gold Velour, Wheat Fabric, White Fabric, Shimmering Gold & Gold Sequin –  and we may add further options in the future.

Any of the curtains are available with our Standard Hire and Marryoke Hire. With the Green Screen option we hang a green backdrop in the booth and the users can then choose their own background from a pre-set selection.


Red Velour

White Fabric

Gold Velour

Shimmering Gold

Silver Sequin

Black Velour

Wheat Fabric

Gold Sequin

When you combine these choices with our unrivalled range of amazing photo templates and insta-style filters, you really can create a unique look for your event photos.