photo booth prints from tom foolery

Photo Layouts

Choose either strip prints or postcard prints...or get one of our amazing Premium templates included with our Gold & Platinum packages! Go Premium!Book Now

Standard Templates

We offer you the option of strip prints or postcard prints when you hire a photo booth from us, and they look just like these examples below:

Strip Prints

Measuring 5cm x 15 cm, these are the most popular format for our events. We can set the booth to take three or four photos on most of our designs.These are always produced in pairs – the booth cuts them automatically too!

Strip prints are what most people associate with a photo booth, as the very first ones produced the photographs in this format.


The size of a traditional photo (15cm x 10cm) in a landscape format, postcards are more popular with corporate clients as there is more room for us to add their branding. Of course, this can carry through to a private party too – especially if you want to have a lot of text on  your photos. Postcards are produced singly by our printer, so if you’re wanting more copies, you’ll need to upgrade your package to include double prints.

Portrait Rotation Templates

We can now also rotate the camera through 90 degrees and capture your images in portrait mode


Portrait rotation postcards

Portrait Rotation Strips


Premium Templates

Our Gold & Platinum packages include one of our amazing premium templates. we currently have a range of over 1300 – and we can customise them with your choice of text, and usually alter the colours too.