Our Photo Booth

At present we only have one photo booth, and we are with it at every single booking we carry out. This means that you get our full attention before, during and after your special event. Our photo booth is always manned by at least one of us – usually two, and we keep the guests moving in and out, help out with the operation, keep the props tidy and organised and look after your guest book.

Key Features:

  • Bigger booth – no internal seating means we can easily accommodate couples, foursomes or even groups of six. A seat for two people isn’t much use if a family want photographs together!
  • East to operate – simple touchscreen without countless options and menus to navigate through.
  • Choice of external ‘skins’ – have the booth looking the way you want it.
  • Choice of internal curtains – at the moment we have white, black, red, gold, silver and wheat.
  • Fast printer – prints are ready in just a few seconds


our photo booth - in white

Above is the white booth set up and ready for a Wedding Exhibition. Everything you see in the photo is supplied as standard (with the exception of the iMac which was running a promo video).

Occasionally we need to change the layout of the equipment depending on space available and always with the safety of your guests as our priority.

Below is our Black Matte booth, and a little bit less space to play with. We weren’t able to have our full set of props out at this event, but we still had the biggest trunk with over 100 hats, glasses and word props!

our photo booth - in black

The exterior curtain matches the colour of the booth that you choose, and we have a choice of interior backdrop curtains. Our photo booth measures approximately 2m long x 2m high x 1.5m wide. It packs down easily, so access to the vast majority of venues isn’t usually a problem. As there is no seat in our photo booth, we can comfortably get 6 people in at once, whilst it’s still intimate enough for couples.

Once again, we always make the safety of your guests our priority so on occasions we may restrict usage to smaller groups. We’ll do this in a friendly and professional manner.

The booth is powered by an Apple Mac, and uses a Canon DSLR camera for photos and a High Definition Webcam for recording videos and Marryoke. The sound is recorded via a studio-grade microphone, and a pre-amp ensuring that any singing is crystal clear, with a minimum of background noise.

The printer is a high-end Mitsubishi Dye-Sublimination printer, which produces touch-dry professional quality 10cm x 15cm photographs in around 10 seconds.

If you choose strip-prints for your photos, the printer will automatically cut the strips as they’re produced, giving you two 5cm x 15cm strips. The whole thing is operated by a touchscreen with simple to use functions. We’re always there if anyone gets stuck though!

It takes us around 1 hour to set-up and test everything, and around 30 minutes to tidy up and be out of the venue once your event has ended. We’ll always be there in plenty of time, and can often set up our photo booth earlier and return if needed.


The picture below shows the red ‘Showbiz’ booth which was in use at a run of Christmas party nights. Instead of our usual package which includes free instant prints, we were charging per photo on this occasion.

our photo booth - in white