Eight Fantastic Abstract Backgrounds For Your Green Screen Photo Booth

With our Green Screen software we can add pretty much any image you like to be used as a background for your photobooth snaps. In this article we’ll look at our favourite abstract images.

1. Multi Coloured Curtain

As well as our eight standard backdrop curtains, we can create pretty much any colour you like thanks to our fantastic Green Screen software. How about this multi-coloured one?

Green Screen Photo Booth Multi Coloured Curtain

2. Leopard Print

We think animal print backgrounds look great when used in the photobooth! As well as this Leopard Print, we also have Tiger, Giraffe, Zebra and Multi-coloured Zebra.

Leopard Print Green Screen In The Photo Booth

3. Hearts

Perfect for a wedding, this striking heart pattern background will ensure there’s plenty of love in the photobooth amongst your guests.

Green Screen Heart Background is Perfect For A Wedding Photo Booth

4. Tiger Print

Another of our animal print backgrounds, this tiger pattern will have your guests roaring with laughter!

Tiger Print Green Screen Background in the photobooth

5. Bright Lights

These bright spots in the background create a great retro neon look for your green screen photos. This would be ideal at an 80s themed party.

Bright Lights Green Screen Background

6. Brick Wall

This natural brick wall creates some great looking photos for your event.

Brick wall background for green screen

7. 3D Mosaic

This vividly coloured mosaic effect creates some really eye-catching photos!

3D Mosaic photobooth background for green screen

8. Zebra Print

Last but not least this zebra print effect looks amazing – especially when used with our zebra head mask!

Green Screen Zebra Print Background

What’s your favourite background? is it one of these or is there something else you’d love to see when you hire our green screen photobooth? let us know in the comments box at the bottom!