Five Reasons Why You Need A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

1. An Alternative to Abba!

The old cheesy disco is looking a bit dated now at weddings, and while a lot of couples also book a singer or band, guests need something else to do if it all gets a bit too loud. Our booth always works best when we’re not in the main function room, giving everyone an opportunity to stretch their legs and “go and do something else”. If we’re near the bar, we get plenty of people popping in the booth whilst on their way to-or-from grabbing a refill.

hire a photobooth to distract your guests from the cheesy wedding dj

2. Wonderful Gifts For Your Guests

Nothing provides an instant, yet lasting memory more than a silly snap with some great friends. We provide everything they need – a high spec DSLR camera, a top quality dye-sub printer, a huge assortment of silly props and accessories – and of course the booth itself! In less than 1 minute, your guests can dress up, pull some ridiculous poses and have a print in their hands to keep forever. We’ll also add to the hilarity by uploading their photos to our Facebook page – where they get a ridiculous amount of interaction from people poking fun at themselves and their friends.

3. Create A Souvenir Of The Enjoyment

Adding one of our guest books to your package means you’ll get to keep a copy of all of the prints produced – along with a personal message from your friends. Many of our brides tell us that they absolutely loved looking through their guest book on the morning after the event, and seeing all of the funny poses that their friends and family created. It’s never going to be as professional as your official wedding album, but it is ready for you at the end of your hire period. We’ll also send you a DVD with all of the individual images too – perfect for ordering a reprint or enlargement. All of the images supplied are copyright-free and unwatermarked.

4. Let Your Guests Lose Their Inhibitions

There’s always one person at every event who tells us “Nope, I’m not going in there – no way”. A couple of sherries later and there’s no stopping them! The curtained booth mean that your guests have their moment of privacy and can let out their inner clowns without everyone watching. This is not possible to achieve with just a camera and backdrop and the rest of the room looking on.

5. Make it Social!

It’s the first chance to share your first photos as newlyweds, and photos of all of your friends and family who are at your special day. Whilst our images are not of the quality of a professional wedding photographer, who will take hundreds of shots and then process the images afterwards, they’re uploaded for you overnight ready to share with the world the very next day! We put digital versions of your prints an our Facebook page, and upload a gallery of every single image we capture to our website. Don’t forget we’ve got a great app too, so everyone can share their snaps directly from their smartphone.

guests inside the photobooth