Eight Top Tips To Rock The Photo Booth

Photo Booths are amazingly popular at weddings now and provide your guests with an instant souvenir of your big day that they can take away with them. So which eight poses will ensure you get a great photo? Here are our top tips for the perfect photobooth snap!


1. The Kiss

Once that curtain closes our booth is your oyster – and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your love as newlyweds. Keep it clean though folks – once the curtain opens again, your intimate moment is ready to be shared with the world!

kissing in tom foolery photobooth

2. The Pout

Duck Lips are king. Or were. Fish Gape is the new Duck Lips apparently. Does anyone even know what any of this means? Anyway, if in doubt, rock that pout.

pouting in tom foolery photo booth

3. Hog The Limelight

The camera is yours! Work it baby work it! This baby certainly did, but there was something far more interesting on the booth ceiling.

hogging the limelight in our photobooth

4. Timing Is Everything

Our booth talks to you – no really it does. You get a voice prompt and an on-screen countdown before every pose. Simple? Apparently not….

missing the shot in the photobooth

5. More Props = More Fun!

Grab a prop. Grab more! Keep grabbing until you’ve got them all. This young gentleman on the left managed to wear a staggering 14 hats at once – a record that still hasn’t been surpassed.

wearing loads of props in the photobooth

6. Top Marks For Creativity

We love it when our guests put a bit of thought into their poses. Now we certainly don’t condone violence of any sort, but this shot was timed to perfection, and we can assure you that the young lady was unharmed!

a perfectly timed shot in the booth

2. Nudity is optional

We upload all of your images to Facebook. Let’s repeat that. We upload ALL of your images to Facebook. Some people still feel the need to expose their valuable assets in our booth, so we have to examine all of the pictures very carefully. We examined this one for several hours, and decided it needed censoring – and believe us this is far from the worst of our “Rudies”!!

wearing loads of props in the photobooth

1. Have Fun With Friends

Our booth is standing room only meaning we can fit more people in. We usually try to restrict to a maximum of six (until we get bribed with alcohol), but this group of teachers were so nice that we managed to squeeze a whopping THIRTEEN of them in at the same time!

thirteen people in the photobooth

We hope these tips give you some inspiration to create some fantastic photos next time you’re in our booth. Let us know what you think below!